Epilators: An Excellent Alternative to Leg Shaving
Having used a regular shaver and the waxing method for several years, I can easily say it that the epilator wins hands on in the field of hair removal. This gadget not only keeps my legs free of hair, is easy to use and, surprise, makes no mess. Looking back, I sometimes wonder why I put up with waxing and the mess that comes with it for so long. Plus waxing isn't exactly a convenient way to remove hair... imagine under the armpit, on the bikini zone... and end up 99% of the time leaving a lot of hair that I have to pluck using tweezers.

epilator reviews

I was first hesitant at the idea of using an epilator. Even after years of waxing, some areas were still painful and sensitive after a session of waxing. Epilators also seemed more expensive than the regular electric shaver for women, but after reading reviews online, I realized that epilators, being a one time purchase only with no other accessories, were actually a money saver.

To my surprise, epilation did not hurt more than waxing. Although waxing get rid of hair faster, the epilator was much softer on the skin, and left me with no irritation. And who would have thought, I found the pain much more easy to tolerate compared to waxing, especially around the underarms and the bikini zone.
Another advantage is that, unlike waxing, you do not have to wait for your hair to grow a certain length before getting rid of those unwanted hair. And since it is done dry, no need for shaving cream, moisturizing lotion, showers or baths. Just pop out the machine and get rid of the few unwanted hair in an instant!
So yeah, since I've started using the epilator, my legs have been so smooth (just like waxing), but without the mess and the irritation caused by other hair removal systems. Highly recommended!

Epilator for women


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